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Meet Our Founders

Trent Templet – Co-Owner/ President
Trent joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1997. During his service, he completed 4 combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After 16 years of honorable service, he retired to Terrebonne Parish and served as a Deputy Sheriff. He partnered with Cherie Gartland to resurrect the Luxurious Laundry Detergent line and form Acadian Pride Fragrance Co. LLC.

Cherie Templet – Co-Owner/ Product Director
Cherie has over twenty years experience as an analytical and formulating chemist in the energy industry. In 2009, she began formulating premium fragrances into affordable consumer products. She sold Festival International, Picking Figs and River Ranch Luxurious Laundry Detergent to friends and family, but could not meet the overwhelming demand. 

Our Vision and Mission

Currently there are not any other products on the international market like those formulated by Acadian Pride. We proudly formulate and produce premium laundry and home fragrance products that are not only luxurious and appealing to the senses, but are also safe and healthy for both the environment and our consumers. Because safety and health are our top priorities, we carefully select our ingredients so our consumers know that they can trust the quality of our products.

Acadian Pride is environmentally-friendly and uses selective ingredients to ensure a safe, healthy, and luxurious laundry experience. All products are biodegradable and preservative-free, making Acadian Pride easily distinguishable from its competitors.

Luxurious Detergents

Our detergents are designed to clean efficiently on clothes, towels, and linens, and to cling to the fibers of the clothes in order to reactivate once a person begins to perspire. Will hold fragrance up to 7 days on fabrics.

Fragrance Oils

Our perfume-grade fragrance oils may be used in numerous ways to maintain a fresh scent virtually anywhere. Some examples but not limited to are: wool dryer balls, diffusers/oil warmers, home air filters, vaccums, and cars.

Wool Dryer Balls

Our wool dryer balls are designed to wick moisture out of clothes, while removing static electricity. Each dryer ball lasts for 1,000 loads of drying (2-5 years). The balls replace dryer sheets and speed up drying time by 25%.

Candles - Coming Soon

Our newest product currently in the final phase of formulation. These fragrance infused candles will last-long and have your home smelling wonderful. The design is sleek and elegant in nature and will compliment any home decor.

Designer Fragrances For Your Laundry

Acadian Pride is located in over 110 stores across the nation in over 10 states.

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