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Fragrance laundry detergent products by Acadian Pride Fragrance are changing the way we do laundry. The scent and smell left behind after washing clothes last for several days. When compared against other fragrance products and detergents, Acadian Pride Fragrance offers a cleaner and longer lasting product. Our luxurious detergent wash will leave your laundry with a lasting scent that is strong enough to overpower your perfume or cologne. River Ranch and Cher Bebe are two of our best selling fragrance wash detergent and fragrance oils. Acadian Pride Fragrance is now sold through our facebook, amazon, pinterest, and online store. Customers have raved about our luxurious wash detergents and fragrance oils all over the internet. Check out some of our feedback below and read more on our reviews page.

Our fragrance detergents come in three different sizes featured below – 4 ounces, 1 Quart, 1 Gallon