Acadian Pride Fragrance currently offers the following fragrance oils for purchase on amazon and at local stores. Here are 5 simple ways to use fragrance oil.

5 Ways to Use Acadian Pride Fragrance Oils

1. Diffusers

Adding our fragrance oil to your diffuser is a great way to freshen up your home. Place the appropriate amount of water in your diffuser and then mix in 3-5 drops of oil. A diffuser is a great way to add fragrance to your home without a flame.

2. Wax Warmers, Candle Warmers

For candle and wax melt warmers, Add 3-5 fragrance oil drops to your scented or unscented wax melts. This is a great way to spread your fragrance oil aroma throughout your home.  


3. Cotton Balls

Place 2-3 drops of fragrance oil onto a cotton ball. Place the cotton balls in places such as drawers, closets, under car seats, and anywhere else you desire. We’d recommend using places you can hide the cotton balls but enjoy a long-lasting aroma effect.

4. Wool Dryer Balls

Take your favorite Acadian Pride Fragrance oil and place a few drops on our wool dryer balls. The drying cycle will force a release of the fragrance onto your laundry that’s smells great and is long-lasting. Our dryer balls reduce drying time, eliminate static buildup, and are eco-friendly.

5. Air Conditioning Filter

Fragrance your entire home by taking advantage of air flow. Place a couple of drops of your most loved fragrance oils onto your air filter and the fragrance will diffuse each time the fan taps on.